Tournament of Roses and Other Special Festivals in Pasadena

Tournament of Roses and Other Special Festivals in Pasadena

Tournament of Roses and Other Special Festivals in Pasadena – Pasadena is nice city to explore when you plan to have holidays. There are many attractive buildings with long history and architectural heritages from the past. Thus, you can really enjoy great exploration as you find and visit many places in the Pasadena. Then, this place is also full of festivals for whole years. You can find many interesting festivals starting from the celebration of New Year and even to the end of the year. Thus, you may check these festivals to know the schedule so you can choose the right time to go.

One of the special events is the Preservation Pasadena. This becomes annual event held by Pasadena Heritage and it always occurs in November. When you want to see special events that show historical buildings in Pasadena and their architectural heritages, this is the right moments. People can see how Pasadena preserves all of these heritages and you can also learn importance of preservation so the next generations can still enjoy them. There are tours and even you can find guides that will explain and give you information about histories and other details of the buildings that you visit. During the whole year, this is the right moment to learn and admire historical and architectural heritages in Pasadena. You will not get bored with the events because you can learn many things.

Actually, similar event also happens in April. In November, it may be called as the great festival where there are many events to enjoy during the month. However in April, the festival will be focused in single spot and it is the Bungalow Heaven. It is special occasion because among many historical places with rich architectural heritages, this is one of the most important ones in Pasadena. It is located in Bungalow Heaven Historic District. In the past, people called it as Historic Landmark District. This area really becomes special landmark in Pasadena. During April, there will be special event and it is tour in the district. It has happened since 1990 and it is still continued until now. People can enjoy tour around seven homes that becomes the important building. This is special experiences for those who love architecture. They can enjoy nice tour guided by docents and even experts that will give comprehensive explanation regarding history and architecture of the seven homes.

Tournament of Roses and Other Special Festivals in Pasadena

During October, many people in different countries celebrate Halloween. In Pasadena, you can also find the same theme but you will have something special. It is a festival called as Carved at Descanso Gardens. You will see Halloween spirit in theme of the events and decoration. It is also about arts where people make many great carvings. The main objects that you will see are pumpkins. However, you will not only see pumpkins made into lanterns. The pumpkins are carved and even built and arranged into many kinds of shapes and buildings. You can find large sculptures made of many pumpkins. In the gardens, you will find many works of creativity that you cannot find in other places.

Related to arts, you cannot miss the Pasadena Chalk Festival. It occurs in June. This has become special annual event that you can find and it is unique. As you can see in its name, the festival is about chalks. However, you will not see sculptures or carvings made of chalks. What you are going to see are artworks made of chalks and these are paintings made on the floors. The convention center in Pasadena becomes great place. The floors are like galleries where many artists draw interesting pictures and images by using chalks in various colors. The good news is that you can see them for free. You do not need to pay any tickets to see the great arts on the floor.

If you are not interested in arts and you love foods, especially burger, you can come to Pasadena in January. You will get chance to enjoy the Pasadena Cheeseburger Week. This is special festival and it is held annually in January. The event is related to the history of cheeseburger. For your information, cheeseburger was made for the first time in Pasadena. Rite Spot is the place and it happened in 1924 so it is 100 years ago. Now, cheeseburgers have become famous and it is not only in United States, but in many countries, when you love the burgers and you want to enjoy special celebration of it, you can go to Pasadena during January.

Still in January, there is one of the biggest and most popular festivals in Pasadena. It is the Tournament of Roses. It becomes special event that has been celebrated annually for more than 100 years. It is no longer local event in Pasadena, but it is national events and in current years, participants come from many countries. In the event, you can see floats decorated and adorned with many kinds of flowers. Although the name of the festival is Tournament of Roses, the flowers are not limited by roses. Colorful flowers can be seen on floats and other decorated vehicles. In addition to flowers, you can enjoy marching bands and even equestrian units in the parade.

Great Festivals and Events to See in Pasadena Pasadena is nice place in United States where you can enjoy many kinds of great places and festivals. You can set your schedule to go to the Pasadena so you will not miss any great festivals. Even if you miss the annual festivals, you still can enjoy the great places to explore around Pasadena because many exotic places can be found and all of them have nice histories and stories for you to see. For the first festival to see, it is Tournament of Roses. This is usually held in the New Year. With the nice vibes of winter and welcoming the New Year, you can have spectacular festival that you will not miss. Winter is Pasadena is surely special, and it is like having its peak moment during the Tournament of Roses. This has become tradition and annual event. The festival is more than 100 years old so it surely has special places in the heart of American and local people of Pasadena. Although it is named as Tournament of Roses, it does not mean that you are going to find competitions or fierce tournament. Then it is also not only about roses that you will find all along the festival. This is great festival with magnificent showcases. You can have parades of floats, moving stages, and vehicles adorned and decorated with many kinds of colors. The parades are so colorful and beautiful. In addition to the flowers and those decorations, you can also find great marching bands and even the equestrian units. Annually, it has same track and it will have final destination in Colorado Boulevard. Once you have enjoyed the parades of flowery floats and marching bands, you can go to the botanical gardens where you can find beautiful garden during winter. It may seem strange to see garden during the winter but it is the special thing to do in Pasadena. Still in January, you can have other festival. It is no longer long parade or flowers, but you are going to see Pasadena Cheeseburger Week. The name already shows what you are going to find during the festival. It is week that will be full of cheeseburger. This is special celebration to commemorate Lionel Sternberger. This person is the one who invented the famous cheeseburger for the first time. It happened in 1924 and it took place in Pasadena, precisely at the Rite Spot. Because cheeseburger is favorite meals of many people and it is nice invention that even people love until now, the day of its invention becomes special celebration. At that time, Sternberger only wanted to hide the burnt patty so people may not see the burnt part and it was covered with cheese slice. He did not expect that his initial intention made popular menus that even last for more than 100 years. Every year, the Pasadena Cheeseburger Week is celebrated. During the event, restaurants will hold special event, and the cheeseburger challenges are common to find. If you are burger lover, you should not miss the festival. On February every year, there is also one of the biggest and even oldest festivals to hold. It is the Black History Parade and Festival. The event is organized by the City of Pasadena in cooperation with Black History Planning Committee. This is great event that will always be celebrated every year in February. It started from Fair Oaks Avenue and the Mountain View Street. The starting points are in two locations but the end of the parade will be at Robinson Park. The long parade will lead to the festival that will be started from noon up to 4 PM. In April, you can enjoy Bungalow Heaven Home Tour. If you love buildings and architecture, you cannot skip the event. The event has started from 1990. The event is special because it will show great architecture of Bungalow Heaven. It is located in the Bungalow Heaven Historic District. It used to be Historic Landmark District. The event will be activity of enjoying tours in seven homes. These are special homes that show the history of Pasadena in the old time that preserves the old architectural styles. In the tour, even docents and experts will be guides to explain the building, details of architectural style, and even the histories. On June, you can have Pasadena Chalk Festival. The name of the festival is quite unique. However, it is not festival that will only show you history of chalks in Pasadena. However, it is more about art exhibition that even involves more than 500 chalk artists. They will make great drawings on the floor of beautiful plaza. They draw and make chalk paintings with many colorful chalks. You can enjoy and see the artworks for free during the event. Then on the weekend, you can see Pasadena Police showcase. This is the annual Pasadena Police Classic Car Show and you can find the event in Pasadena City Hall. You can see the historic cars used by the police over the years. Previous post Great Festivals and Events to See in Pasadena
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